Frequently Asked Questions

How many inspectors can scan at the same time?

Everyone with a phone can login and start scanning karts which speeds up the inspection process.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely!  Send an email to to setup an account. 

What if my phone crashes or freezes?

Close and reopen the Racer Scan app or delete it and reinstall. Don’t worry all your saved scans are securely stored in the cloud.

What is the quick scan feature?

Scan or manually enter a barcode. If found the barcode will be highlighted green in the racers list of scanned barcodes. If you see a red exclamation this indicates a new barcode has been found and is not allowed on this kart.

Can I use a scan gun?

Yes, Racer Scan is Bluetooth compatible with a scan gun. Please email for any questions and the scan gun we use.